I dream of being prepared and early for everything but often that doesn't happen. This was an unusually busy weekend since the restaurant I work for was open for Mother's Day brunch. Which means doubles for everyone and less time for me to pull my life together. It was a great turn out though and I hope all of the Mothers enjoyed their day!

Sunday after midnight I realized I forgot to put an imprimatura on the panels I use for these studies. They are also in a box somewhere and I did not feel like rummaging through to find them. Instead of giving up and skipping the open studio I used an old canvas that's been sitting around my apartment. I wasn't able to finish it because the model couldn't make it anymore or some sort of scheduling conflict, there is always a scheduling conflict.  

The old painting was so much darker than what I usually have for my imprimatura so I massed in the lights earlier than normal. I also used charcoal to roughly block in the figure this time. For me seated poses or reclining poses are more challenging. I hope with practice to get better with them. Near the end of the session I re-established the outline and shadow shape, trying to hold on to the drawing. Unfortunately this pose was too uncomfortable for the model to continue with it.

Here is the final sketch. 8 x 10 in oil on canvas.