This study was painted on Raymar's oil painting paper. I wanted to try out a few new surfaces since I've been mainly working on a rougher canvas. This study looks more like a drawing than a painting to me, maybe I was influenced by the surface? Ralph was a delight to paint and I hope to see more of him at the open studio.

Here is the final sketch.


I've attempted to make another GIF, this one did not take as much time as my first try HOORAY!!!  I will have to learn how to line up the images a bit better though... maybe I should pay more attention while photographing? Glad we can all struggle through this together:) It's been helpful to look back, as I'm learning what works best for me and what to avoid in the future. Today I tried to start by massing in the shadow and light shapes without as many construction lines as I normally use.

I believe this was the strongest stage in this study, afterwards I did not keep things unified enough.  


Here is the final sketch.